Call Overflow & Rerouting Services

Every phone call is an opportunity for new business; missed calls can lead to lost business. Call overflow call centers can ensure you never miss an opportunity, and customers can always reach you when needed (even outside business hours). Overflow call handling service gives you backup support during busy periods or after hours while helping reduce abandoned calls from potential and current customers. 

Understanding Call Overflow

Overflow call handling services provide your primary team with backup when call volume explodes or wait times get too long by ensuring callers are connected with a live, friendly person. By acting as an extension of your office, an overflow call center can help you maintain the high level of service customers expect. 

Causes of Call Overflow

There are several reasons why a call overflow service may be necessary for your business to provide additional phone coverage, including:

  • Temporary staff decrease because of illness or vacation
  • Emergencies that increase call volume
  • After-hour calls

When call overflow management is handled ineffectively, it can damage your brand's reputation, productivity, and profitability. Ineffective call overflow management can frustrate customers by making them wait on hold or call back later to get the information they need. 

Whether repeat customers or brand new customers call your business, partnering with a professional call overflow call center can boost your customer service and eliminate the necessity of hiring employees just to answer the phone. 

Call Overflow Solutions

At Answering Advantage, we provide call overflow solutions tailored to your business's needs. Our call overflow services ensure that your customers will never receive a busy signal and that all calls will be answered by a friendly, live person. 

Forwarding Calls to Additional Resources

  • Utilizing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems: IVR systems handle calls with automated phone technology, allowing customers to access information needed and get in touch with the right person quickly.
  • Multi-site Call Forwarding: This call overflow solution allows phone calls to be answered at different locations so customers are connected with a representative immediately.
  • Virtual Call Centers: Partner with a virtual call center to handle overflow calls whenever needed rather than paying additional staff, even when call volume is low. 

Implementing Automated Call Routing Systems

  • Skills-Based Routing: Connect callers with knowledgeable agents best suited to address their specific concerns. 
  • Least Occupied Routing: A call overflow solution automatically routes calls to agents taking the fewest calls that day. 
  • Time-Based Routing: Automatically forward calls during your busy times or specific times of the day. 

Best Practices for Call Overflow Management

There are several tips to help better manage your company's call overflow. 

  • Monitor call traffic and trends: By analyzing call traffic, you can better predict when there will be increased call volumes and prepare for those periods with extra staff or implementing a call overflow service. 
  • Continuously improve your call handling processes: By focusing on continuous improvement, you can offer better customer service and ensure customers' needs are addressed timely. 
  • Gather and act upon customer feedback: Listen to your customers to learn how to improve their experience when calling your business and make necessary changes. 
  • Optimize call overflow by leveraging technology and analytics: Use metrics provided by your call overflow answering service to further optimize telephone calls to your business. 

Streamline Your Call Handling with Answering Advantage

Don’t make your customers wait on hold or for a callback when your staff is unavailable or experiencing increased call volume. Instead, partner with a reliable call overflow call center for all your call handling needs.

Answering Advantage can be your permanent or temporary telephone answering service solution by being an extension of your business and helping customers when they need it. With Answering Advantage's overflow call service, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your calls never go unanswered, leading to reduced abandoned calls and increased customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about our customizable overflow call-handling solutions. 

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