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If you choose automation over live voice answering, we can help with our voicemail services for both businesses and individuals. Since our voicemail service is digital, there is no equipment to purchase or additional phone lines required. Our cloud-based comprehensive system allows you to store, access, and forward spoken recorded messages 24/7 from anywhere.


With today’s technology, your customers expect their inquiries to be answered immediately. Our voicemail services allow you to respond to every customer call efficiently and cost-effectively.

Benefits of Answering Advantage’s Voicemail Services

Answering Advantage voicemail services can offer benefits to your business that can be reflected in your bottom line. A missed call can result in lost sales or can result in a dissatisfied customer. Answering Advantage voicemail services offers many other benefits as well. Some of the most important include:

  • Improved Customer Service. With our virtual voicemail services, your customers will never spend time waiting on hold, won’t get a busy signal, or get a call that goes unanswered. They can leave a message and receive a call back to respond to their query in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Cost-Effective. With no additional equipment needed or staff to hire, your phones can be answered 24/7, and voicemails can be answered from anywhere.
  • Easy Setup and Use. Your voicemail can be accessed easily from any mobile device at any time of day. There is no additional phone line needed and no extra equipment to buy.
  • Flexible. Never worry about missing calls when you are out of the office again with Answering Advantage voicemail services. It is a great service even for temporary needs if your team is away or weather delays prevent office access.
  • Privacy. Your security and privacy are important. That’s why all voicemail accounts are password protected, and customer messages are securely stored in audio files on the cloud.

How Answering Advantage’s Voicemail Services Work

In the past, voicemail would redirect your call to another voicemail system when the receiver of the call was unavailable. The voicemail responds with a short message that the caller hears with directions for leaving a message. Answering Advantage’s voicemail services work the same way, except that the service is digital. So once the call is directed to voicemail, it goes to a digital voice recording that is stored in a digital mailbox. The mailbox owner can then retrieve the message from any location with internet access.

Why Choose Answering Advantage for Voicemail Services

Answering Advantage voicemail services is the perfect fit for businesses that have employees who work remotely, travel extensively, or have several operations locations. Employees can always access the voicemail regardless of their location or time zone. Customers can leave secure messages for the employees and never worry about their calls being returned because the employee is out of the office or otherwise unavailable.

Voicemail services from Answering Advantage can help your business increase customer service and ultimately add to a successful bottom line. Missed calls can equate to lost sales. With our cost-effective, easy-to-use voicemail service, your customer response rate will increase with your ability to access your voicemails anywhere at any time.

Never Miss an Important Message with Answering Advantage’s Voicemail Services 

Answering Advantage takes voicemail services to another level with our digital virtual voicemail. Our service is an affordable, efficient way to increase your customer service and optimize the time your team spends on monitoring, prioritizing, and returning voicemails. Contact us today for more information on how Answering Advantage Voicemail Service can help your business.

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