Medical Call Center Services

3 Reasons Your Practice Should Use A Medical Answering Service

  1. We answer your phones 24/7 – Give your patients the freedom and security to manage appointments with a medical answering service that schedules appointments, changes appointments, confirms appointments, and even cancels appointments. Reminders help reduce no-shows and increase office efficiencies. Medical answering services can even answer overflow calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Never miss another call.
  2. We offer a secure online customer portal – Most busy people prefer self-service support options over contacting support through phone or email. The best way to help our clients find these self-service support options is through our secure online customer portal – a one-stop-shop for support. This portal allows our clients to log in 24/7 to see appointment updates, patient notes, and messages
  3. Stop frustrating patients with automated phone systems – These systems require callers to listen to the voice prompts and make selections to get their questions answered or reach a live person.  If this doesn’t happen soon enough, they may hang up in frustration.  Our live 24/7 bilingual agents are always available to help your patients get the help that they need.

Why Choose Answering Advantage For Your Medical Message Service?

  • Our telemessaging system allows us to take and deliver messages after hours and/or obtain detailed referral information.
  • On-call scheduling
  • Appointment verification, appointment confirmation, appointment reminders
  • Answering Advantage is a HIPAA compliant answering service.
  • Our system has screen customization that displays your exact messaging instructions. Our staff follows your procedures and protocols for great patient communication.
  • We can program daily faxes or emails to provide a re-cap of the all messages taken while the office is closed.
  • You choose the delivery option: e-mail, text message, phone call or fax.
  • Customer Service is our priority. At Answering Advantage the agents are instructed to never say “We’re just the answering service,” unless you want us to.
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) 24/7 call center, 365 days a year. We don’t take vacations or only work 9-5. You can enjoy peace of mind during your off hours.

Answering Advantage was founded as an all-medical answering service. We understand the unique needs of physicians, home health and hospice agencies, DME companies, psychologists, psychiatrists and clinicians. We provide local and nationwide medical answering service solutions to individual and large practices.

We understand that an answering service is the lifeline for your office and your patients after normal business hours. We handle everything from taking consult information to dispatching patient emergencies.

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