Call Center Services in Charlotte, NC

Answering Advantage is your solution to the influx of customer service calls. Our team of experts provides friendly live voices to greet your customers on a wide range of topics. Businesses of all sizes need a solid customer service call center to retain customers and maintain customer satisfaction rates. Learn more about how we can help your business succeed.

Commercial Call Center Services

Our experts at Answering Advantage can create an account customized to your unique business's needs. We provide customer service representatives to greet new and returning customers, answer their questions, and provide the necessary answers. This results in higher satisfaction rates and increased brand loyalty.

Medical Call Center Services

We provide live agents to answer calls 24/7. That way, customers don't have to deal with frustrating automated systems that waste time and provide little help. Our customer service agents offer a secure online customer portal where your patients can schedule, confirm, and cancel appointments with ease, anytime.

Virtual Receptionist

If you need a customer service call center but don't have the budget, opt for our virtual receptionist. We provide 24/7 answering services that are entirely customizable to your business's needs.

Bilingual Call Center Services

We provide bilingual (Spanish-English) answering, interpretation, and translation services for your customers via the delivery method of your choice. We can respond through email, phone, fax, text, or a combination of methods.

Short-Term Campaign Solutions

We'll collaborate with your team to provide the short-term campaign solutions you need so you have time to work toward your goals. Our experts can handle print, radio, and TV advertisements, manage call traffic, distribute customer surveys, and more.

Customer Survey Services

Our staff is trained to create campaigns that produce impressive results. We'll collect valuable feedback that can help with customer retention, gauge interest in particular products, provide feedback for better business practices, and pinpoint areas that need improvement.

Call Overflow / Rerouting Services

We provide extra support during peak hours or when staff shortages make answering phones more difficult. Our services can be temporary or long-term, depending on your needs. Our overflow and rerouting services are available to a variety of offices and businesses throughout the U.S.

Appointment Services

We know how busy an office setting can be. Let Answering Advantage take care of your appointment services so you're not tied to the phones all day. We'll schedule and cancel appointments for your office 24 hours a day so your patients and clients always have access to a representative. We're happy to use your Customer Management Program, and if you don't have one, we'll provide one for you to use.

Inbound Telemarketing

We'll train our staff on your product's information, and all call screens are scripted with your stamp of approval. We'll handle your advertising campaigns, projects, event correspondence, and clinical trials. Businesses that can utilize this service include E-commerce, mail-orde, home-based, and companies that simply require a few extra staff members on the phones.

Voicemail Services

Our customer service call center creates affordable and convenient voicemail services for clients who prefer automated answering services. It requires no additional purchases, no additional phone line, and it's available to customers 24/7.

Answering Advantage Customer Web Portal

We'll set up and manage a customer web portal on your behalf. Simply provide your business information and your needs, and we'll create a user-friendly experience so you have more time to manage your workload.

Call Center Solutions From Answering Advantage

Answering Advantage is a woman-owned company based out of Memphis, TN, serving customers throughout the United States. We provide call center services for small businesses and large corporations with the goal of helping them succeed. If you want to learn more about the call center solutions we provide, contact us today. We'll gladly provide more information and offer a quote for the services you need.

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