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Being the owner of an answering service, I feel like I may be more aware of what I receive, or don’t receive, when it comes to customer service. I know we all want it and that most talk about the bad instead of the good. What a shame – we all know positive reinforcement further encourages good behavior. I try hard to let someone know, with the specifics, when I’ve received great customer service. Do you let someone know when you’ve had a positive experience?

I was at my favorite grocery store the other day. It’s a national chain and probably my favorite because it is closest to home. The selection is good and if I can’t find something I need, it’s not far from an organic store that carries a variety of produce and has a great seafood department. Management level employees always say “hello” and ask how I’ve been doing. The cashiers always ask “Did you find everything okay?” The baggers always ask “Do you need help out with this?” Nice enough, but see a pattern here? I am asked the same questions every week. “Always,” making it impersonal. I wonder if they’ve been empowered to do more – like the employees in the produce department or who stock the shelves. They always talk to me, but it’s not rote. They seem genuinely interested in having a quick, 1-2 minute conversation with me. What’s the difference? I wonder. I feel certain that this company has a very strong training program and that customer service is a huge emphasis. And obviously, this company is not aware of the different experiences its employees give on a daily basis.

Everyone can talk customer service, but what do companies really deliver? At Answering Advantage, the “Agents of First Impressions” work hard at providing a different answering service experience. How do I know? Because many of our customers tell me how nice the agents are and what a great service we provide. I know, I’m tooting my own horn a bit, but someone has to! Call us and give us a chance to show you.

Susan Mealer, Owner/CEO, Answering Advantage


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