VoiceMail Services

If you’d prefer automation to live voice answering, we offer voicemail services for businesses and individuals. There is no equipment to purchase and no need for an additional telephone line. You can forward your home or business line to your personal voicemail number or give your voicemail number to your callers. Toll free telephone numbers are available and voicemail is accessible 24/7.

VoiceMail Services

Why use voicemail?
  • It’s affordable
  • It’s easy to set up and manage
  • It’s a great option for temporary needs within your business, such as weather delays and changes in venues
  • Privacy – all voicemail boxes are password protected
  • You can check your messages from anywhere in the country, 24 hours a day.

Let us show you how we are the answer you are looking for-
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"I wanted to take a minute and send you a note regarding your service to us. We have been extremely pleased with the service that you have given us. I have been in the service business for almost 30 years and I am so glad to have finally found a competent, professional answering service. It is nice not to have to worry each night and weekend if your answering... ~Steve Harvey LEED AP, Soefker Services, LLC

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