Being Kind to Your Customers by Ed Horrell

As a customer service advocate, I tend to watch customer service from two perspectives. One is from the perspective of what I prefer personally, the second is what I perceive that others might prefer. The second perspective is based on feedback I receive from readers and audiences.

Overwhelmingly, the two common elements are 1) the fact that customer service is at an all time low and 2) the reason for that is the preponderance of indifference on the part of most service providers.

The reasons for the decline in service and growth of indifference are attributed to many reasons. These include generational differences, lack of training, cultural and age differences, and more.

Overcoming these issues is accomplished by adding the element of values, such as kindness, in the treatment of customers. The companies that “get this” are the ones with the least employee turnover and the highest retention of customers. They have a culture which permeates through the organization from the core through employees to customers.

They are separate from their competition as a result of this culture. Companies like these, including Answering Advantage, are leading a revolution of kindness in their service to employees and customers.

Ed Horrell, Author and Founder-The Kindness Revolution™, 901-757-3768 and


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